The Sharpe Family Murders

Between March 23-27 2004, the man dubbed the Mornington Monster, John Myles Sharpe, did the unthinkable. The apparently doting husband and father took the lives of the ones he was supposed to protect. This is the story of the Sharpe Family Murders. Mornington, Victoria, Australia.  February 28, 1967. John Myles Sharpe was born to shopkeepers [...]

The Real Amityville Horror

Anyone who has access to a TV or the internet has seen or even just heard of The Amityville Horror. I mean, get Ryan Reynolds to play the main character and you've got some notoriety and a box office smash hit. However, behind the lights and red carpet premieres, the story of what happened in [...]

Salem Witch Trials

You may not consider this story to be relevant to true crime, but this is not an isolated case of murder. History holds many tales much like the one you are about to read. Religion and fear, the group ideals become a mob mentality. This is but a small fraction of the victims of historical [...]

Family Annihilator: John Emil List

Warning: this article contains crime scene images that some readers may find distressing. Use discretion when reading, and keep your wits. All murder is horrifying. A life has been taken and a story needs to be told. We would all love to believe that those who love us won't hurt us, but this isn't always [...]