An Introduction to TrueCrime365

If you have taken time out of your day to read this, I thank you. Whether you know me personally and have humoured me with reading my blog, or you are a stranger with an avid interest in True Crime, I welcome you. My name is Bee Jamieson and ever since I was 9 years old I have been intrigued and horrified by the world of true crime.

My interest begins in Queensland, in a semi-rural coastal town with nothing more to do than go surfing, do drugs or be not-so-subtly racist. I was at my grandparents’ house watching TV alone in the room my parents were staying in, flicking through channels seeing what media garbage I could consume other than Hannah Montana or Spongebob. What appeared to me on the Austar Box (the rural version of Foxtel at the time) was The Crime and Investigation Channel (or CI).

I would like to say that my introduction to true crime came in the form of an episode of Cops or another low level true crime show that wouldn’t scar the average child for life. The show that was on CI this particular night, however, was a documentary about none other than the notorious serial killer, BTK. I knew that this channel was the one that my prison-nurse grandma watched while she knitted, and the one she turned off when I entered the room, so I knew I had to be sneaky. I watched the entirety of this documentary whilst swapping back to Disney channel when anyone walked past the room, to allude any suspicion I was viewing something I shouldn’t be.

A few days later and I was sat in my grandma’s lounge room playing with Polly Pockets or something along those lines whilst my grandma watched CI, this time she didn’t change the channel, so I listened. And without even turning to face the television I listened to the absolutely terrible story of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. By then my fate had been sealed. True Crime became a lifelong obsession, reappearing every couple of years or so in the form of a frenzied non-fiction read-a-thon or binge watching of Homicide Hunter.

At 18 I decided to go to University to study criminology and at 19 I figured out I didn’t wanna do that anymore because studying something you enjoy thoroughly ruins it. By 20 I knew I wanted to not only study crime, but be on the front line of writing about it. Enter my journalism degree and the creation of TrueCrime365.

So thank you, reader, for joining me. Shits about to get weird.

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